Thursday, 8 December 2016

Quick Battle Report

  Its been a while since i have had anything to say, so i have put up a Battle Report. In the next week or two i shall be putting a proper update up with whats planned for 2017, but also what i have been currently doing... but till then!

My new video intro cover... much nicer. Models are GB and Conquest

  Talk soon....

Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Village grows and the last nominee...

  So for my Winter Warmer with the Table Top Commanders, i decided my challenge will be completing my Cereal box village and seeing how far i can go with cereal box card as my main construction material.
   With two buildings complete i next wanted to bulk out the cover so had a go at making some walls, as they make some quick and easy terrain.

  Still i am adding to my old Empire, though bored of the old rank and file, i'd thought i'd paint up a mercenary captain and who better than the model for Herr Felix Jaegar. The model seems small to the newer GW figs but still a great figure.
Final Nomination

   My final nomination for I am a wargamer goes to, "Battle Knights". I chose this channel as it has good videos, covering a range of different games, some of which you dont get to see many reports for and its always nice to see a range of games i a hobby. So good luck lads, your next!

War and Sorcery

  With this Empire painting and such, i was in a fantasy mood, and fancied a getting out my goblins for a bash. Here i take on some Humans.. still my favourite system at this scale. The video is a bit longer than usual as i try to explain some rules as i come across them.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Buildings, Games and oh, I am a wargamer!

 Okay, so continuing on with my Empire, i thought i'd go old school and make some building from cereal box card.. i was happy with the result, so i made a video on what i created. The buuildings design is basic enough that i could use it from the medieval period to probably ww2, plus wouldn't be out of place in Bree!

 My Bretons are out again, hampering the Anglo-danes who decided to pick a fight. This time i squabble over a couple of bridges.

   Finallt i was nominate by Jack Sarge for an "I am a Wargamer" video. So i filled in the challenge and completed it. The only thing i didn't do was decide on my third nominee. I though i would give the viewers a chance to put forward a wargaming channel for me to nominate. This way i get to pick through some channels, hopefully some of which i haven't come a across before.

so, see you next time... Dha weles nessa termyn!

Saturday, 17 September 2016

Couple of battles and some WIP's

   Well i'm slowly catching up with my reports:

Age of the Wolf

   My Bretons charge up north and take on the Scots in the challenge.

Battle Companies

  My poor Rohan don't seem to be raising through the ranks very quickly. But at least I outnumber some Wood Eves 2-1, so this should give me a chance for some good results.

Other bits

  Currently working on my sci-fi rule set, which is becoming a bit more organised.Had another run through the game, and still enjoying the brutal system... oh yes your troops drop quick.  

A team advances through the debris in search of resources

Models by Copplestone Castings

   Finally some Empire are getting painted for my narrated campaign. I was going to use my own system but thinking about it, it may be a good way to show some War and Sorcery (fantasy War and Conquest).

Altdorf handgunners. Decided on round bases (25mm) to show not all
is lost with Age of Sigmar, that the figures can still be used for proper battles.

Until next time...

Saturday, 10 September 2016


  So lets start with the final month of the campaign for Lord of the Rings! Ouch, it was a bad run for the forces of good. last month a small light glistened but this month we were beaten down a peg or to. In the North desperate times pushed us to split our forces, but our inability to win matches had sorely hurt us.... the counter-attack the forces of evil gave us were harsh and brutal. Rivendel was swarmed by Harad, while Lorien fell to the goblins.
  Though seeing the attack coming we tried to support with a cavalry banner but they where intercepted by the Easterling Cataphrakts, and defeated. 
Year 1 Month 6...

   In the South thing went better, but too late.. The blue has dwindled to naught but a few "enemy" strongholds. So with that players shook hands and we called it a day....

  The campaign system itself worked well and everyone seemed to have fun, playing some extremely unbalanced games making things feel desperate as it should.
  So what went wrong for good? To be fair, evils misunderstanding of not being able to create banner of less than 200pts royally knocked us. We lost the lands of rohan early and also miscalculated where points were. But enough of the excuses, the games we should of one were lost barring a couple of lucky games. Overall the evils forces quick actions and ability win fights beat us hands down... though we will be having a re-match for sure, ad hopefully some time for people to paint their forces so i can get some big reports in...

But in the mean time we a playing battle companies, as a vain excuse to get models painted!!

Age of the Wolf
  Here is another installment of the campaign games my Bretons are having a go at... though i have to say its seeming a bit harsh, as few players have been against such a force, plus i have the Penny special messing up the early turns of my opponent, giving a nasty combo..

  Finally a short vid just going over games i play and something i plan to start p soon.

  Until next time, dha weles!

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Maps, Wolves and Companies

Righto, lets begin with the Map based camapaign...

Year1 Month 5

Another trying month for the forces of good.

  The forces of good, begin to try and grab from the forces of evil what they can, by splitting some of their forces in a vain hope to hold out and inflict as much territorial damage as they can before the 6 month is up and another round of recruitment takes place.
 Forsaking the strong defense of Lorien a cavalry banner is dispatched to take the undefended Dol Guldur. While the rangers are driven out of the Mist Mountains, back to Rivendell.

Minas Tirith falls...

  In the South, its sad times and Minas Tirith is heavily out numbered and taken. On the upside the force of good steal away Minas Morgul and drive the enemy from Rhun. But with fewer trooops battles are becoming harder to win for the forces of good....

Age of the Wolf

 To keep our SAGA players sane we have started an AoW campaign. I decided to have a go at the Bretons as i have flirted with them a couple of times but now i thought i'd give them a proper go. Then hopefully when i finished my commission painting i can get back to my own painting.

Battle Companies

  Also with small amounts of time between games we'd thought we would run a small Battle Companies campaign. The rules of which you can find here: While below you can find my first outing for my Rohan.

So until next time... Dha weles!

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Falling forces of Good...

Year 1, Month 4

  So far the forces have good have slowly been pushed back in the South, while in the North hope remains.
The North Yr1, Mth 4

  So in the north, with the extra recruitment a new banner was created in the Iron Hills. The banner then was moved to Erebor, in hoping of breaking the siege and breaking the stalemate. But it was not to be as the force were beaten out side Erebor. The two smaller banners unable to break the greater force and in the end the remnants of the banner retreated behind the wall, to stare hopelessly at the mass of goblins.
  In Rhun north though there was a decisive battle in which the advancing Evil army was sent back, while the forces of Arnor and Rivendell unite to drive the evil forces from he mountains.

The South Yr1, Mth 2
  In the South the armies of good were forced out of Pelannor and they retreated to Minas Tirith. While goods forces march out of Umbar to attempt to Strike the properties of the forces of evil.
  (Looking back now, this was a fantastic opportunity for the forces of good. If we had made this banner a Cavalry banner we could of taken Minas Morgal, The Black Gates and Barad dur. In the process stopping the forces of evil receiving 200rec, while the forces of good gaining 100rec. The forces of good inability to act quickly is helping the forces of evil, showing that in this campaign you must be decisive)
  Other than that Evil moved their forces from Pelagir to Umbar, while leaving Dol Amroth under-siege.

So that's it for another month!

Dha Weles!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Lord of the Rings Campaign continues....

So this time we we look at another 2 turns of the campaign, which will include some recruitment so you will get to see how that is achieved in this campaign.

Year 1, Month 2

Year 1, Month 2 North
  In North it was relatively quite this time round. With the forces of Good in the Northwest deciding to push their advantage into the Misty Mountains. Unfortunately evil side had seen and moved both they banners to the location.
   So a quick run over some rules. If i haven't mentioned before cavalry banners move 2 spaces. At the beginning of the turn both sides right down all their orders for their banners and are all revealed at once. In the case as in here where two banners have moved to a fighting location, then each banner is built as a separate force, which will break as individuals too. Though for scoring VP in a scenario, count the whole force as one. This makes rapidly formed banners a little more fragile than a single banner of the same points.
   Even with the help of Arathorn and Paladin Took, the forces of good were pushed back but with few casualties.
  While in the East the successful Rhun force marches back to the Iron Hills to try and bring aid to Erebor.

Year 1, Month 2 South

  In the South Evil push on, putting Dol Amroth under siege, and taking Edoras. In the center good pulled back our depleted forces to Pelanor Fields, which was in turn attacked. But at Pelanor with 3 seperate forces we managed to force back the Evil army. In the battle special mention must go to my lone surviving warrior of rohan with an axe, who after passing courage tests every turn to stay in the battle till the end slew no less (with the help of piercing strike) 3 Morannaon and killed the Ringwraith: The Knight of Umbar. Giving us our first named hero death.
  Unfortunately as we had pulled our forces back we lost Cair Andros without a fight.

Year 1, Month 3

Year 1, Month 3 North

Year 1, Month 3 South

 This is the last turn before we have some recruitment, as such it was rather peaceable. Evil took Helms Deep with what was slight miss understanding of the rules (So the Evil side said). 
   Whenever you create a banner whether new from recruitment or from dividing banners no banner created (or that remains in the case of a divide) may be of less then 200pts. After a battle, if the remaining points is less than 100pts then the banner is destroyed: though any named characters are only destroyed if they died in the battle, else fate has intervened an the may be recruited to another banner.
 Other than that players were happy where it stood and just traded some port towns, so it was on to recruitment.
  During the first year recruitment occurs at the end of every third month, in the second year every fourth month and in the final year every fifth month. These means the later in the campaign the harder it becomes to recruit.
  To work out your team recruitment points, add up all the recruitment values (the number in the bottom of location followed by a R) of the territories that you started with and that you still own and are not under siege. Then add to that the enemy territories you have gained but count their recruitment values as halved (rounding up fractions), but are also not under siege. The total is the amount of points you have to spend adding to banners or creating new ones in any territory you own, though you may never spend points to bolster banners that are under siege as new recruits cant get to them.

So we're a quarter way in to our first year and it is looking rough for the good in the south!

Till the next time, Dha Weles!

Monday, 4 July 2016

Lord of the Rings SBG Campaign begins...

  So with the net back its time to start catching up with my campaign. We are already 4 months in! But before that i have one more practice battle report up against the Harad:

Metal knights with Milliput shields using a greenstuff mold.

  So on to the campaign:

Year 1 Month 1

   So as said previously this campaign uses a node map and banners. Each banner is assigned a points value and you may create a banner between 200-1000pts. So anyone can fight at any banner with whatever models. this allows a club to be more fluid in the campaign, allowing different players on each side to cover for missing team mates etc. The only other considerations required is if your banner is a cavalry banner (which must be marked) and also named heroes are assigned to banners they fight at... this stops heroes from jumping around the map for any fights.
  Also an important note, if a named hero dies, that hero cannot be used again in the campaign (in any guise - so if Aragorn the ranger dies, you cant use another version of him).

After first month of movement and battle results
  The map above shows the first months results in the North. The blue/red dots represent the location of the good/evil banners, while the arrows show movement. So yo can see the good push from Arnor and take Angmar, without a fight as there was no evil banner, and the also take North Rhun. While the evil banners move to take North mirkwood and put Erebor under siege. 
  Any location with and S on it allows the defender to fall back to a castle instead of fighting on the open ground. The attacker may assault them, in which case a siege is played to take the territory. Or the attacker may besiege them, in which case the defending army cannot be recruited too or can recruitment points from the territory .

  Meanwhile in the South things don't go so well for the good. Osgiliath west is lost, as well as the western plains of Rohan, while a banner from Dunland steals Anfalas from the good. The only good thing was that the evil failed to take Cair Andros and was pushed back, but the casualties for good in that fight where terrible.

 In the campaign after a battle you roll for your dead and fled. On a 6+ you the models survives. You recieve a +1 if you won the battle and a +1 if the model fled the field. You then add up the points of you non-surviving dead/fled, and remove those points from the banner. If a banner is reduced to less then 100pts it is destroyed.

  Well i hope that keeps you till next time, i'll just leave you with a few snaps.

Isengard pour into the plains of Rohan

Gondor holds Cair Andros at cost

Osgiliath falls under the Trolls hammer

Newly converted Captain of Rohan. 
With added mail and horsetail plume

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Lord of the Rings Campaign Countdown....

 Hey all, been a while... So i am hope fully back to the steady updates.

  In two weeks my club will be starting its LotR Campaign. I have been bust making terrain and painting figures for it. But i am way behind schedule! But at least the map is complete:

  The locations shown are the starting position; blue-good and red-evil. Most locations have a VP value for Victory Points, and a Recruitment value (R) for buying more troops. I will let you know more of the rules as the campaign continues, but for now both teams will have 4000pts to put into Army Banners worth between 200pts-1000pts and from there we will continue.

  With much practicing required i got a game in with my elves against some Uruk-hai...

 Till next time..

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Some X-wing, SAGA and Lord of the Rings!

 I have finally got up the 3rd and final game from the PAW'16 Tournament.

  The tournament was well run and a great fun. This game does seem to work well for tournaments and i am looking forward to the next one. Till then i have somehow managed 2 tops out of 2 tournaments, So onward and upward!

PAW'16  X-wing tourney First and Second. The chap next to me was standing on a box...honest!

 I have also got a fun little game of SAGA in, using a scenario published in Wargames Illustrated. The scenario is a challenge for the Attacker, but its fun to play. Many thanks to my opponent, who made a cracking stockade.

  Finally, i have got back into playing Lord of the Rings. I really like this system but haven't played it in an age. So when a friend wanted to catch up for a 500pts game i mustered some elves. I think there may be new life brought back into that game system and maybe some reports. But for now here's some photo's of my elves, 2 warbands, one led by Gil-Gilad and another by Elrond.

 Gil-Gilad and some elves, the ones with elven blades are Kings Guard

Elrond devastated my opponent with his Natures Wrath.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Game 2 - PAW'16

 Next vid up. In this next tournament match I take on fellow Dice and Dagger's club member with his Rebels.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

Game 1 - PAW'16 X-wing Tourney

  Quick report for from game 1 of a local tournament, held at PAW'16, Plymouth, UK. The show its self was great, with plenty of traders and participation games. Unfortunately no SAGA event, so i went for the one day X-Wing tournament, which had 14 participants. The tournament was well run the to Kirton Games who ran it (i hope to get to some of their big events), and there was a good mix of players and forces. So, game 1....

Tuesday, 9 February 2016

A Couple of Reviews

  So finally had some time to put up a couple of reviews. Firstly a quick look at some fun large skirmish fantasy rules from Osprey Publishing in the form of Dragon Rampant. The secondly a look at some 28mm plastics from Conquest Games that i have been waiting to get my hands on for a fair while!

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Dragon Rampant

  So i have got my hands on the "Osprey Publishing's", Dragon Rampant. A generic set of fantasy based on the historical rules Lion Rampant. The rules themselves are easy to learn and pick up, and is ideal for a club like in which players tend to have a huge variety of fantasy models.
 The first battle report is below and will be followed by a short review, now i have had some practice with the rules.

 Currently my gaming club has been having a big change round with the move to a new venue, so we have dug some old games we haven't played in a while to try some other fun! Recently i played a game of Bloodbowl, with the Wood Elves vs Chaos. My Elves shocked most onlooker by scoring 4 touch downs and reducing the enemy team to 5 players!!

Here the Chaos take on the Skaven... which lead to a bloody conclusion

 Unfortunately i couldn't find a ball, so we kicked around a pumpkin... worked a treat!

 This week ends with an X-Wing tournament in Plymouth (PAW'16), so will be a run of tourney games to show. After my luck at the last event, i'm not holding out for a big win on this one.

Till next time.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

New Year, SAGA and X-Wing

  Well i hope you had a good christmas and a fun New Year. I have had a break, and now i'm back.
  To start with at took part in a little X-Wing tournament in St Austell, at Mad for Miniatures. Not having any tournament practice i thought i'd ry to get one in before the PAW'16 tournament in Plymouth in February. The event was great fun and well organised, and managed to muster up 12 players in the little store. Below is a link to the report:

  Of course part of the reason for getting into X-wing was the fact i didn't have to paint anything.. so naturally i ended up painting them.

  Also i have now managed to finish the final part of the How 2 play SAGA video's:

 Due to computer crashes, mic issues and some 6hrs of sorting i have finally finished it. The next talk through will be broken down into more stages to make life just a little easier but for now this should do.