Friday, 13 October 2017

Cereal box lab and some 15mm sci fi

  Here's some snaps of GZG's NSL light troops. I really like these guys. In fact i am ordering more support weapons for these chaps and some more regular troopers.

 I have also repainted my CMG Arc fleet APC's. Was never really a fan of Grav tech on my sci fi humans, but i really like the look of these vehicles. They're a good size and are nice and chunky.

  Finally i have been working on a group game for my local club. I decided i needed a small room to be a lab, but didn't have any lab-like terrain pieces. So, it was to building one with the only resource i have here... cereal box card. I was happy with the result. In face i may make more with some corridors, but that will be anther time.

  If you want to know how i made the lab, leave a comment and i will put together a video.

Till next time, dha weles.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Hail Ragnar!

  Hey all, finally have my 40th battle report for SAGA up, so the give-away is now available. Though you'll have to watch vid for what to do. Best of Luck.!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Cake cup terrain

  One thing i like about 15mm, is the amount of tubs pot and such there are to make buildings, plus its all recycling. In this case a little domed lab, created from this little black cake pot (little microwave, gooey chocolate ones).

  Next i added some card, covered it in a PVA/Filler mix and painted it. I seemed to come out well, so, i must buy some more cake!

  Although not fully military, i have now got my LawSec officers a nice APC, also from GZG and has been added to my painted miniatures page, along with links to the site.

Monday, 11 September 2017

More GZG Miniatures

Have a few more civilian miniatures complete, which i have updated on my 15mm page.

Ground Zero Games technicians

Ground Zero Games security/cops
  Hopefully, i can start on some military 15mm figures next.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

15mm Civillians

 Got these guys completed. Quite happy with how they turned out. these are from Ground Zero Games.

I know a lot of gaming i do is 28mm, so i thought i'd thought show you how 15mm stands up to 28mm
GZG cop (15mm), GW  Catachan (28mm)
 Not tried to make a page on my blog before, but going to give it a go to show painted 15mm models, as often i'm never too sure how they look on some the websites. As i complete some 15mm packs i'll add them to the page along with links to the supplier... hope it works!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Painting small....

  I have dug up some of my 15mm scifi figs and thought they could do with an update. Work has been busy and my club now meets only twice a month. So in the mean time i have focused on my rules and thought i'd give them a go with my 15mm. This will give me a head start, as i plan to use them for this years Haloween game; Our club tradition to run a big skirmish game with aliens or zombies in it. Hopefully get most of the folks playing it for the day.

  The Ground Zero Games (GZG) figures are pretty damned detailed for their size, and are fun to paint. These guys will be members of LawSec, the colonial security force on colonized planets.

 As always i have a battle report too.... another SAGA one, nearly to the point of my give-away..


Monday, 3 July 2017

more SAGA action...

  First up, is my next batrep from the tourney.

  So while i have been waiting for BT to fix the line (6 weeks without phone line), i have been rummaging through some of my early Empire miniatures... this is mainly due to the fact Warlord games finally are going to release their Pro Gloria plastic Landsknecht miniatures. Who look like the will scale in nicely.

  So after some 15 years my Ostermark crossbowmen get a new paint job....

Now with them done, time to start on some Halberdiers and maybe play some good old warhammer skirmish! Another reason i missed the older editions... they were fun. Though i had to laugh, when GW had 8th Edition warhammer they never tried for a skirmish game, which is a shame as the massive block of 40+ infantry were (to me) a barrier to new folks as its a daunting prospect for any new player. But now they release a more skirmish based game in the form of Age of Sigmar, they now added to released AoS:Skirmish.....  it does baffle my mind sometimes. Better late than never i suppose!

Till next time... Dha weles!

Saturday, 17 June 2017

Stormy nights and tournaments

  Its not often in cornwall we get to see a decent run of thunder and lightning, but a few weeks ago we had quite a show, up close. Was great until phone line was hit! So now no landline... in your own time BT. But at least i got a few pictures!

  Anyway, back on topic. A week before the storm we a local SAGA tourney (8 players), it was good fun and i got to try out the welsh... more on that a lot later. But for now i have my first game report up against the vikings.

 Lastly yesterday i took part in a tournament for X-Wing down in St Austell at "Mad for Miniatures". Last time i was there i won a punisher with my Scum, so i'd thought id fly it and see what it does... not a lot it seems. I finished the evening with 1 win and a loss. But it was nice to fly imperials for a change. The winner was flying two Jumpmasters and a Hawk.
 Still i got my purple imperials painted.. Personal fleet of Governor T'Ruk

Th tactician card was a prize.

  So with the only gain a tactician card... maybe i should build a fleet for using that at the the next event

Till next time....

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


... i have to say i am enjoying "Age of Fantasy", but i do miss some proper games. It got me thinking what i thought were the best Warhammer rules.
   For me i started fantasy in 6th edition.... and you know what? I was content with those rules. Not only did you get the standard rules but you also got Siege Rules and Skirmish rules. Not only that but i had the Warhammer Skirmish and Generals compendium, which gave so many ways for the game to be played. In fact i was looking through my old white dwarfs and realized how many lists the were for 6th/7th edition. From Dogs of War, Kislev to the Vampires of the Lustrian Coast.  To me it made the game more interactive and far more interesting.
  8th edition never really did that for me. It was fun to have good infantry, but the large change of rules meant that certain lists no longer functioned and army rules became obsolete. I thought it was going to get interesting in "End Times" with some great figures, but when it was clear fantasy was being destroyed, so was my interest. AoS didn't interest me at all, i already played that size skirmish with 40k, and i wanted regiments.
  I think i'd like to try some "old hammer" games, probably 7th edition with 6th rulebooks. Its cheap enough to pick up these days, and it wasn't to 7th, when Army books became crazy in power too others.

  Anyway, enough of that. I have an AOF battle report, and some picture of some models i am repainting! Would love to hear from you chaps reading what your favorite edition of fantasy was and why?

Till next time!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Welsh, rising out...

  So i am still slowly putting together my welsh warband. I have managed to get my Warlord done, as i felt no-one in their right mind will fight for a cursed Warlord.

 I have also manged to get a battle report in, as i start practicing for a little tournament at my club in a couple of weeks. My belief in understanding what this warband requires due to playing Bretons was wrong. My Bretons may be squishy but at least they can run away! I think its going to be a steep learning curve for these welsh.

  I have a couple of battle reports for "Age of Fantasy" coming, as the club has really got into the easy going fun of the system from "One Page Rules". In fact another project to add to my list, as i dig up some old fantasy figures.

Till next time!

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Plans re-made

 Finally my new SAGA has arrived and i have already got stuck into them. So will have more SAGA reports coming as i get to grip with the Welsh!

 The shield design is that of my own shield i use in re-enactment

The shield in its proper place

  Finally tried out some Fantasy rules from "One Page Rules" and had a lot fun with them. Was great to dust of some warhammer again.In fact it might inspire me to must my 40k and they have been boxed for some years!

So, till next time!

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Plans foiled..

  Well i have been quite on the video front lately, as my plans have gone somewhat sideways. I had hoped to have my nice, new SAGA warband up and about, but after a month i am still waiting for them to arrive!
  Seems like Gripping Beast are struggling to get orders to retailers. So i hope they arrive soon.

 On a brighter note i got some painting out of the way for a friend, so i have am no planning a small campaign day for Frostgrave.. probably Dark Alchemy. That should be this week, so at least i'll have three reports coming for that, after this weekend.

  Also we are going to be running a free-for-all Lord of the Rings Campaign. The last campaign was fun, but was bogged down by players not playing games. This time there will be a dice roll for battle not fought, making it a bit easier. Also, its everyone for themselves, so no waiting on friends.
 Till then i'll leave you with an image of the Legolas i painted for a friend, and my own Enchanter apprentice;

I love the character in this chap, my wizards very own Hodor! 

 I was happy with how this Legolas turned out, shame i was painting it for someone else