Wednesday, 10 May 2017


... i have to say i am enjoying "Age of Fantasy", but i do miss some proper games. It got me thinking what i thought were the best Warhammer rules.
   For me i started fantasy in 6th edition.... and you know what? I was content with those rules. Not only did you get the standard rules but you also got Siege Rules and Skirmish rules. Not only that but i had the Warhammer Skirmish and Generals compendium, which gave so many ways for the game to be played. In fact i was looking through my old white dwarfs and realized how many lists the were for 6th/7th edition. From Dogs of War, Kislev to the Vampires of the Lustrian Coast.  To me it made the game more interactive and far more interesting.
  8th edition never really did that for me. It was fun to have good infantry, but the large change of rules meant that certain lists no longer functioned and army rules became obsolete. I thought it was going to get interesting in "End Times" with some great figures, but when it was clear fantasy was being destroyed, so was my interest. AoS didn't interest me at all, i already played that size skirmish with 40k, and i wanted regiments.
  I think i'd like to try some "old hammer" games, probably 7th edition with 6th rulebooks. Its cheap enough to pick up these days, and it wasn't to 7th, when Army books became crazy in power too others.

  Anyway, enough of that. I have an AOF battle report, and some picture of some models i am repainting! Would love to hear from you chaps reading what your favorite edition of fantasy was and why?

Till next time!

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