Saturday, 12 March 2016

Some X-wing, SAGA and Lord of the Rings!

 I have finally got up the 3rd and final game from the PAW'16 Tournament.

  The tournament was well run and a great fun. This game does seem to work well for tournaments and i am looking forward to the next one. Till then i have somehow managed 2 tops out of 2 tournaments, So onward and upward!

PAW'16  X-wing tourney First and Second. The chap next to me was standing on a box...honest!

 I have also got a fun little game of SAGA in, using a scenario published in Wargames Illustrated. The scenario is a challenge for the Attacker, but its fun to play. Many thanks to my opponent, who made a cracking stockade.

  Finally, i have got back into playing Lord of the Rings. I really like this system but haven't played it in an age. So when a friend wanted to catch up for a 500pts game i mustered some elves. I think there may be new life brought back into that game system and maybe some reports. But for now here's some photo's of my elves, 2 warbands, one led by Gil-Gilad and another by Elrond.

 Gil-Gilad and some elves, the ones with elven blades are Kings Guard

Elrond devastated my opponent with his Natures Wrath.