Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Norman Knights

As i am building up my crusader force, i'd thought i'd do a little review on the plastics i am using from Conquest Games.

 This time i'm going to paint them with the same colours on their shields. I want the Normans to feel more of a cohesive feel, maybe soldiers of a single household.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Siege cover

So the SAGA rules i have been working on seem to be fun, as we attempt a "Battle of Barons". The game has two players on either side each with a walled keep. I have a small overview at the beginning of my latest battle report.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Basic siege towers

  So with some siege towers constructed i thought i'd do a little tutorial.


  They're pretty simple i know, but also pretty cheap to cobble together, but still look the part on the battlefield. Still, need some more ladders though, so enough to keep me busy till sunday.

Monday, 10 August 2015

How to play SAGA

  I am starting a small run of video's on how to play SAGA, with a hopeful follow up taking a closer look at each Factions that i play. This first video is all about building a warband:

  Other than that i have been scribbling to create some siege rules for SAGA. I really enjoyed the siege game we played, but i'd like to make it a little easier for the defenders, and also introduce siege engines. Next week we have a big game of SAGA planned on a 6'x7' board, including 3 villages and two fortresses... should be fun. Currently trying to make some siege towers and ladders.

  Finally have been taken by the Soda Pop Miniatures: Super Dungeon Explorer. I hadn't really been initially interested as i have "Descent" which is a great dungeon crawler, even though you have to plan a weekend around a single scenario!
  What got my attention was the Player vs Player arena, as it seemed fun and quick, though we did decide to remove the Boss character away as it slowed the game down. Hopefully i may make a little report for one of the games, as it will be a little different. But for now i have painted my hero "Deepwood Scout" hope like chibi!