Saturday, 17 June 2017

Stormy nights and tournaments

  Its not often in cornwall we get to see a decent run of thunder and lightning, but a few weeks ago we had quite a show, up close. Was great until phone line was hit! So now no landline... in your own time BT. But at least i got a few pictures!

  Anyway, back on topic. A week before the storm we a local SAGA tourney (8 players), it was good fun and i got to try out the welsh... more on that a lot later. But for now i have my first game report up against the vikings.

 Lastly yesterday i took part in a tournament for X-Wing down in St Austell at "Mad for Miniatures". Last time i was there i won a punisher with my Scum, so i'd thought id fly it and see what it does... not a lot it seems. I finished the evening with 1 win and a loss. But it was nice to fly imperials for a change. The winner was flying two Jumpmasters and a Hawk.
 Still i got my purple imperials painted.. Personal fleet of Governor T'Ruk

Th tactician card was a prize.

  So with the only gain a tactician card... maybe i should build a fleet for using that at the the next event

Till next time....