Sunday, 8 April 2018

Some more SAGA v2

Hey folks, here is another SAGA battle report. I thought i'd try the Anglo-Saxons, to see what they're like at 4pts.

  Still clearing miniatures off my paint table, here's two more for Frostgrave.

Frostgrave plastic soldiers

Frostgrave plastic soldiers

Till next time

Friday, 6 April 2018

Whats been painted...

Quick update on things i'm painting. Currently i have been working on my LoTR and getting into painting some more bits for Frostgrave.

Eowyn from GW's Lord of the Rings SBG

Here i have painted up Eowyn, though unarmoured she does provide a useful cheap to the force.

Eowyn from GW's Lord of the Rings SBG
Radagast from GW's Lord of the Rings SBG

While getting back into Frostgrave i decided to paint up some wizards for another warband

Radagast from GW's Lord of the Rings SBG

Saruman from GW's Lord of the Rings SBG

Who better to be a wizard master than Saruman

Saruman from GW's Lord of the Rings SBG
Finally getting through my numerous Rohan for my infantry force.

Plastic Warriors of Rohan from GW's Lord of the Rings SBG

And finally some proper Frostgrave. An infantryman and my wizards creation,
Thomas, a wooden construct.

Plastic Frostgrave soldier and metal large construct.

Plastic Frostgrave soldier and metal large construct.

Til next time.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Friday, 23 March 2018

First new SAGA batrep...

  Well, hey folks. Its been a while, but I have a new report. Yes I have finally posted a SAGA version 2 report. Its a bit longer than usual as I discuss some of the changes as they pop into my head, which, as you can imagine, is at random points!

  So what else have I been up to? Well, I have been trying to organise some fun events at the club. I mean its open for 12hrs so there's no excuse for some big games. So to start with on May 27th, I will be running a friendly SAGA tournament. Just a small one so old and new players can learn some of the new rules. It will be a 4pt event, which include some random doubles thrown in.

This will be a good test to see how the new rules stack up, as we should have a mix of forces. Also it will be good to see if the game stays balanced at 4pts too. I was going to take my newly painted Cornish/Welsh warband but... other players are taking the Welsh, so for the sake of testing the new rules limits I will probably take a stand in (Rohan) Anglo-Saxon army, as they really struggled in the previous version at the smaller points. But with Levy troops now able to generate SAGA dice, just maybe an all Levy force could work!

  Finally we getting some more Lord of the Rings gaming in. It is such a good system I do enjoy playing it. On July 1st will be playing an epic “Castle Duel”, these games are for fun and to get a lot of models down on the table. Oh, and of course, to be able to get some siege action going.

  Sieges are always difficult to do and the LotR system seems to make a fun and tough game of it. Below is the proposed set up. As you can see, as well as the castles there are three village. Each team has one village and half (their riverside half), of the centre village. The ownership of towns allow re-enforcements to be gained every 6 turns.

  The river is not impassable, but does have an additional -1 to swim tests due to its fast flowing nature.

  As you can imagine the battle is a fight for territory to begin with and when one side gets the upper-hand, it becomes siege. Fun and brutal.

Well thats it for know, write soon.

Dha weles!

Saturday, 17 February 2018

New SAGA..

... well the book has finally arrived and i am pleased with what i have seen so far. I will do a full review on the new book and the the Viking supplement, but i want to give it a good read first.

   In the mean time, wanting to get some dark age action going i have a Lord of the Rings battle report, well, the LotR rules anyway. Still a favorite of mine for Skirmishes, and i think i will try to get a small campaign to play for some small game fun.

 Talk soon... dha weles!

Friday, 26 January 2018

Saga on pre-order...

  Well i'm sure i dont have to tell many of you that SAGA version 2 is on its way to us. But if you don't know check out the link below:

I  have to say this does mean i am in the mood to paint a few more of my Cornishmen, though whether they will all be painted in time is another question.

Gripping Beast Welsh: to be my Cornish Whiteshields

  Also i have got a couple more battle reports up. First is my Bolt Action batrep, where my Germans take on more Germans...

German para's advance through the woods.
Some of Warlord Games plastics i have actually painted!

  Secondly, i got in a good old bash of Grimdark Firefight, with some classic Necron Raiders

Robot legions vs Alien hives on a jungle planet.

 At the moment i am wishing my paint brush would move quicker, so many games and so many great figs to get painted... so little time.

Anyway, till next time.

Dha weles!

Saturday, 13 January 2018

First 9th Age beta game...

Finally got a little game of 9th Age in, using my gobbo's. Barring a few mistakes the rules seem to be pretty good, though it my take me a while to learn the new lingo.

  My Empire army is slowly coming along. I wanted to update the swordsmen shields and so are currently making new shields out of milliput and a green-stuff mold. I went for a sword and halo design, going for something very Sonnstahl inspired.

 Also for trying to get into Grimdark Future, i decided to drop my marines for now and dig up something a bit older. Thus i dug up my Necrons. I have to say its been a trip down memory lane for me these last months of painting.
  When i started gaming in the mid to late 90's (a golden era of GW - but i think everyone says that), my fantasy army was Empire, while my 40k army was Imperial Guard. My mate i grew up with at the time enjoyed 40k, so we played 3rd edition and he used Space Marines, followed by Necron Raiders...
  These guys had a new list in WD230 (i think), and we had a lot of fun with them. Nothing quite like watching my prized Lemun Russ battle tank being eaten by Scarabs (IIRC - for each scarab in base contact with a vehicle, it lowered the armour by 1), Shortly followed by a lord and Immortal retinue "Veil of Darkness(ing)" next to my Russ and blowing it sky high... ahh, the good old days.

 This guy still looks Badass in my opinion. 

  So after digging them up, and dusting them off, they will be getting a new paint job like the one above.

Till next time!