Thursday, 16 March 2017

Plans foiled..

  Well i have been quite on the video front lately, as my plans have gone somewhat sideways. I had hoped to have my nice, new SAGA warband up and about, but after a month i am still waiting for them to arrive!
  Seems like Gripping Beast are struggling to get orders to retailers. So i hope they arrive soon.

 On a brighter note i got some painting out of the way for a friend, so i have am no planning a small campaign day for Frostgrave.. probably Dark Alchemy. That should be this week, so at least i'll have three reports coming for that, after this weekend.

  Also we are going to be running a free-for-all Lord of the Rings Campaign. The last campaign was fun, but was bogged down by players not playing games. This time there will be a dice roll for battle not fought, making it a bit easier. Also, its everyone for themselves, so no waiting on friends.
 Till then i'll leave you with an image of the Legolas i painted for a friend, and my own Enchanter apprentice;

I love the character in this chap, my wizards very own Hodor! 

 I was happy with how this Legolas turned out, shame i was painting it for someone else

Friday, 10 February 2017

Rohan recruits...

So on the work bench i have been slowly adding to my Lord of the Rings. Have just finished Eomer...had the model for years but never fancied tackling the leather detail over armour. But i am happy with the result.

  Also i have a new SAGA force on its way, which means i am selling off some to make room. So for now, my Crusaders / Normans are moving on, while i prepare to learn a new battle board!

 Also gives my group a chance to relax from the knight smash for a while. 

Dha weles!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Winter is here...

  Finally started on some Frostgrave reports. To start with i have a "getting started with" video, just to show my original costs for the game, but also a quick paint guide to my current method and making some treasure markers with what you got!

Spent some time to create a new thumbnail for my Frostgrave vids.
My warband painted so far.

 Next on the list GSW, will be DBA.

  Also got my first battle report for Frostgrave using my temp band, while i paint up a full Northstar plastics and metal warband, that you see in the video above.

Close up of my wizard. Gone for a purple and turquoise theme
for the warband... something different!

  So i have a few more videos on the way for SAGA and Frostgrave and maybe a Dragon Rampant one. Also the club is back into Bolt Action for the while, with second edition being learned and so far so good (except warlord still have the Ambush rules hidden away in a little box making a trick to find).

So till next time...Dha weles!

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

New Vids

Hey all, got a couple of new video's including a SAGA Battle Report, and my review on DBA 3.0.

Hope they're of use!

Till next time, Dha Weles!

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Happy New Year!

 Hello all, hope you all had a nice break. I have now got a back log of vids i want to get up over the following week, now my net has returned. So to start with a bit of an update:

15mm Chariot Miniatures from Magister Militum

My Apprentice for Frostgrave

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Quick Battle Report

  Its been a while since i have had anything to say, so i have put up a Battle Report. In the next week or two i shall be putting a proper update up with whats planned for 2017, but also what i have been currently doing... but till then!

My new video intro cover... much nicer. Models are GB and Conquest

  Talk soon....

Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Village grows and the last nominee...

  So for my Winter Warmer with the Table Top Commanders, i decided my challenge will be completing my Cereal box village and seeing how far i can go with cereal box card as my main construction material.
   With two buildings complete i next wanted to bulk out the cover so had a go at making some walls, as they make some quick and easy terrain.

  Still i am adding to my old Empire, though bored of the old rank and file, i'd thought i'd paint up a mercenary captain and who better than the model for Herr Felix Jaegar. The model seems small to the newer GW figs but still a great figure.
Final Nomination

   My final nomination for I am a wargamer goes to, "Battle Knights". I chose this channel as it has good videos, covering a range of different games, some of which you dont get to see many reports for and its always nice to see a range of games i a hobby. So good luck lads, your next!

War and Sorcery

  With this Empire painting and such, i was in a fantasy mood, and fancied a getting out my goblins for a bash. Here i take on some Humans.. still my favourite system at this scale. The video is a bit longer than usual as i try to explain some rules as i come across them.