Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Hail Ragnar!

  Hey all, finally have my 40th battle report for SAGA up, so the give-away is now available. Though you'll have to watch vid for what to do. Best of Luck.!

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Cake cup terrain

  One thing i like about 15mm, is the amount of tubs pot and such there are to make buildings, plus its all recycling. In this case a little domed lab, created from this little black cake pot (little microwave, gooey chocolate ones).

  Next i added some card, covered it in a PVA/Filler mix and painted it. I seemed to come out well, so, i must buy some more cake!

  Although not fully military, i have now got my LawSec officers a nice APC, also from GZG and has been added to my painted miniatures page, along with links to the site.

Monday, 11 September 2017

More GZG Miniatures

Have a few more civilian miniatures complete, which i have updated on my 15mm page.

Ground Zero Games technicians

Ground Zero Games security/cops
  Hopefully, i can start on some military 15mm figures next.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

15mm Civillians

 Got these guys completed. Quite happy with how they turned out. these are from Ground Zero Games.

I know a lot of gaming i do is 28mm, so i thought i'd thought show you how 15mm stands up to 28mm
GZG cop (15mm), GW  Catachan (28mm)
 Not tried to make a page on my blog before, but going to give it a go to show painted 15mm models, as often i'm never too sure how they look on some the websites. As i complete some 15mm packs i'll add them to the page along with links to the supplier... hope it works!

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Painting small....

  I have dug up some of my 15mm scifi figs and thought they could do with an update. Work has been busy and my club now meets only twice a month. So in the mean time i have focused on my rules and thought i'd give them a go with my 15mm. This will give me a head start, as i plan to use them for this years Haloween game; Our club tradition to run a big skirmish game with aliens or zombies in it. Hopefully get most of the folks playing it for the day.

  The Ground Zero Games (GZG) figures are pretty damned detailed for their size, and are fun to paint. These guys will be members of LawSec, the colonial security force on colonized planets.

 As always i have a battle report too.... another SAGA one, nearly to the point of my give-away..