Monday, 3 July 2017

more SAGA action...

  First up, is my next batrep from the tourney.

  So while i have been waiting for BT to fix the line (6 weeks without phone line), i have been rummaging through some of my early Empire miniatures... this is mainly due to the fact Warlord games finally are going to release their Pro Gloria plastic Landsknecht miniatures. Who look like the will scale in nicely.

  So after some 15 years my Ostermark crossbowmen get a new paint job....

Now with them done, time to start on some Halberdiers and maybe play some good old warhammer skirmish! Another reason i missed the older editions... they were fun. Though i had to laugh, when GW had 8th Edition warhammer they never tried for a skirmish game, which is a shame as the massive block of 40+ infantry were (to me) a barrier to new folks as its a daunting prospect for any new player. But now they release a more skirmish based game in the form of Age of Sigmar, they now added to released AoS:Skirmish.....  it does baffle my mind sometimes. Better late than never i suppose!

Till next time... Dha weles!