Monday, 7 December 2015

How 2 Play SAGA part 2

.. So i have finally got round to getting the H2P: SAGA finished. Unfortunately my computer had decided to change a whole bunch of recording settings, so i have spent most of my time trying to get those small items, like a mic, working. Hopefully now things can get back to normal a bit.

 I have several battle reports to put up, and the 3rd and final part of H2P: SAGA. Then i will probably create an X-wing one, as i am really enjoying the game at the moment, as well as being excited for the new movies. Which is also leading into another small project for some SW ground battles, but we shall see how well that progresses.

 So to part 2: Please be aware these tutorial vids are slow and not worth watching if you are already understanding of the rules. They are designed for the novice:

Monday, 16 November 2015

Frostgrave Terrain..

 Been slow of late to keep up with some Batreps, but my time has been put in making terrain for Frostgrave.

 To start with i have a SAGA battle report. Here my Crusaders take on some Moors, who seem to be bringing loads of Naphtha Throwers, it was quite an experience!

My opponents Camelry.. looking great!

   With the Frostgrave terrain, i needed to create something quickly. As such i based most of it on old terrain i had. Then simply re-vamped and based it. All was done using basic methods and materials. Also i got round to making some magic walls, as i have a feeling that the spell is going to be quite popular.

 These walls are designed for the spell and are simply made of foamboard.

 These were made using the old plastic 40k ruins. It was mounted on a 9mm MDF base. Rubble was made from balsa wood and chunks of foamboard, while the flagstones are simply packing card cut to random sizes. The tree is a woodlands scenic tree armature. 

The above watchtower is and old GW one. We have had this a long time and is about time it got some TLC. The tree is another woodland armature, with a foamboard wall and card pillar tops.

The table so far...

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Currently on the table...

 I have another X-wing batrep up for those who are interested.

 While on the painting desk, i have been preparing for "Frostgrave". I have had some practice games and find the game great fun for a basic campaign based system.

Skeletons for some random encounters... they are the wargames factory skeletons and they aren't bad!

Warhound... acquired from my Mordheim collection.

Thug!.. made from a plastic Gripping Beast dark age warrior.

Friday, 23 October 2015

Armies of Stamford Bridge...

  Some folks have asked for what was in the armies that took part. Its as close as i can remember. So see below:


Harold Godwinson
12 Hearthguard - dane axe
4 Warriors
12 Warriors
12 Levy - Slings

4 Hearthguard - Dane axe
8 Hearthguard
8 Warriors
8 Warriors
12 Levy - bow

8 Hearthguard
12 Warriors
12 Warriors
12 Levy


Harald Hadrada
8 Varangian Guard
4 Berserkers
12 Warriors
8 Warriors
4 Warriors

8 Hearthguard
4 Berserkers
10 Warriors
10 Warriors
4 Warriors

8 Hearthguard
4 Berserkers
4 Hearthguard
8 Warriors
12 Levy - Bow

  (Hope that helps Dexter)

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Battles 1066 Part 1

Well we finally started getting our 1066 games in, though we only got our first game in: The Battle of Stamford Bridge.

  We mange to play this 3 vs 3 game in 5 hours, though we took our time and had a great relaxed game, with a lot of laughs and tea. The game itself wasn't tested prior, so it was lucky it all worked out well, and turned out to be a fun and challenging scenario.

  Now i can concentrate on my tutorials, as well as starting up "Frostgrave"

Final thoughts.. recently it had been my birthday and had to share a picture of the cake my family made for me.. awesome.


Saturday, 10 October 2015

Some more reports...

Busy, busy, busy... a hectic couple of weeks means i have a stack of reports to get up. Still painting normans with little over a week to go! But slowly things do seem to be coming together.

Star Wars X-Wing. Being played on newly made MDF board that i painted. Although a 3'x4' i have marked some special stars that are aligned  to give a 3'x3' playing area.

Strangely i am back to Kings of War once again, and i did try not to rant! 

Saturday, 26 September 2015

X-wing and Hastings

  Well, to start of here is my X-wing battle report. Still working out the best way to make a report for this... what do i follow? Each maneuver? Each turn?. So far i have gone for end of each turn. but it might change as i believe the maneuvering is a big part of the game and should be shown.

  Also Battle 1066 is a little closer, and i have just finished my Senlac Ridge for the Battle of Hastings. Just more Normans to paint! 

 Also i am tring to brighten up my boards with some green, my battle reports of drab brown will hopefully become slightly brighter.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Kings of War 2nd Edition

  I go back to the KoW system, for one last chance of redemption for the fantasy rule set. Been a long while since i have played it, and was interested in what their update had to offer.

  Also i have gotten into Star Wars X-Wing miniature game. A fun game with no painting miniatures, so a nice break. Hopefully i will be coming up with some reports.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Practice for hastings

 Well, October is nearly upon us and i have to prepare for the event. It should be a good day, with two games being played, in 4vs4 battles. With that in mind, i thought it may be prudent to start to learn the Viking and Norman battle board.

  So here is my latest report in trying to learn the Viking way!

My opponents Anglo-Danes, forming a proper shieldwall.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Norman Knights

As i am building up my crusader force, i'd thought i'd do a little review on the plastics i am using from Conquest Games.

 This time i'm going to paint them with the same colours on their shields. I want the Normans to feel more of a cohesive feel, maybe soldiers of a single household.

Friday, 21 August 2015

Siege cover

So the SAGA rules i have been working on seem to be fun, as we attempt a "Battle of Barons". The game has two players on either side each with a walled keep. I have a small overview at the beginning of my latest battle report.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Basic siege towers

  So with some siege towers constructed i thought i'd do a little tutorial.


  They're pretty simple i know, but also pretty cheap to cobble together, but still look the part on the battlefield. Still, need some more ladders though, so enough to keep me busy till sunday.

Monday, 10 August 2015

How to play SAGA

  I am starting a small run of video's on how to play SAGA, with a hopeful follow up taking a closer look at each Factions that i play. This first video is all about building a warband:

  Other than that i have been scribbling to create some siege rules for SAGA. I really enjoyed the siege game we played, but i'd like to make it a little easier for the defenders, and also introduce siege engines. Next week we have a big game of SAGA planned on a 6'x7' board, including 3 villages and two fortresses... should be fun. Currently trying to make some siege towers and ladders.

  Finally have been taken by the Soda Pop Miniatures: Super Dungeon Explorer. I hadn't really been initially interested as i have "Descent" which is a great dungeon crawler, even though you have to plan a weekend around a single scenario!
  What got my attention was the Player vs Player arena, as it seemed fun and quick, though we did decide to remove the Boss character away as it slowed the game down. Hopefully i may make a little report for one of the games, as it will be a little different. But for now i have painted my hero "Deepwood Scout" hope like chibi!

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Normans and Samurai...

Having started painting some Normans i try and get in a battle. Luckily a player turned up with their Samurai, ready for some War and Conquest...

Monday, 20 July 2015

SAGA Siege

   I have a go at a siege using the SAGA. I actually found to be quite fun, it was nice to have a siege on such a small table!

  Will definitely be trying out a crusader siege at some point. I think it work nicely at larger points as well.

  Also managed to get a few more Anglo-Danes painted.

These converted Berserkers are made using various plastics and a few head swaps. 

Crusader Miniatures Harold Godwinson

These are made using both the Gripping Beast Hirdmen box set and Dark Age Warriors box set.... 
...everyone needs more Dane Axemen.

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Some SAGA, Sci-fi and a mention of fantasy.

So i have finally got another battle report up. This time i thought i'd see what its like to play Bretons, but unfortunately ended up using them as Normans due to the scenario.

  My sci-fi rules are coming along nicely, as is the terrain for it. Also a lot of players seem to have taken an interest in the rules system and have volunteered to join in on its first campaign in a couple of months. As for my force, its changed direction as i have great models from Copplestone Castings and wanted to build on these guys a little bit more.

Below is a game being played as players learn my rules. You can see one of our players has been busy creating buildings for his Scavengers, readying for the campaign.

  Finally i have been wondering what to do with my fantasy as GW has finally decided to remove the amazing 30yrs worth of creation, to release Age of Sig-marines. 
  But i have decided not to cast aside my miniatures and pursue more towards War and Conquests fantasy version; War and Sorcery. The rules bring me back to how warhammer was meant to played, so hopefully i'll be adding some of my forays into this world.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Welcome to the Jungle

  So with ideas flying around my head for a Scifi 28mm ruleset, I have been constructing some Jungle Terrain. Here's a quick video on what i'm doing.

Friday, 26 June 2015

It' Alive!

Wow! a month without the internet was a struggle, but i am now back in the game!

  I have a short vid on Warlords plastic hovels, which i won thanks to Steve Gusky! Check out his youtube channel if your into Bolt Action and some good old, honest rambling.

  So what have i been working on... not a lot; trying to get my net back! :D But i did manage to paint up my Haggis for the "Songs of Blades and Heroes".

 Now i am back, time to push on with some more gaming!

Friday, 15 May 2015

WaC Battle report and painting.

  I have managed to get in some more War and Conquest games. I am slowly getting the hang of the rules, and really enjoying them. I have the first of two battle reports with my Saxons taking on the Samurai.

  I don't know what people think of non-historical match ups, but i hope its still an enjoyable battle report.

  So as for painting, I failed to get my stuff together for the Bolt Action league, so will be losing points for that, though i did get some terrain made. Now knowing i ain't gonna complete for the painting points i am prepping up for the final league game of the year.

  I decided the last league game should be fun and open to allow players to relax an paint a few miniatures. So i decided on running a "Songs of Blades and Heroes" tournament. It will be 500pts with army list criticized by all the other competitors, so we dont end up with some stupid character builds. 

 For mine i dug up some nice miniatures from Black Hat Miniatures. Some highland dwarves...

  Finally i have been working on some tokens / basing for WaC. Below you can see my personality base made using a 40mm base and filler, so the base doesn't look to chunky. Then my shieldwall markers, to show which units are in shieldwall formation. Simply made out of spare shields.