Monday, 16 November 2015

Frostgrave Terrain..

 Been slow of late to keep up with some Batreps, but my time has been put in making terrain for Frostgrave.

 To start with i have a SAGA battle report. Here my Crusaders take on some Moors, who seem to be bringing loads of Naphtha Throwers, it was quite an experience!

My opponents Camelry.. looking great!

   With the Frostgrave terrain, i needed to create something quickly. As such i based most of it on old terrain i had. Then simply re-vamped and based it. All was done using basic methods and materials. Also i got round to making some magic walls, as i have a feeling that the spell is going to be quite popular.

 These walls are designed for the spell and are simply made of foamboard.

 These were made using the old plastic 40k ruins. It was mounted on a 9mm MDF base. Rubble was made from balsa wood and chunks of foamboard, while the flagstones are simply packing card cut to random sizes. The tree is a woodlands scenic tree armature. 

The above watchtower is and old GW one. We have had this a long time and is about time it got some TLC. The tree is another woodland armature, with a foamboard wall and card pillar tops.

The table so far...


  1. Nice job :) the more terrain the better.
    pass on my applaud of the camelry, they look so cool. I have some roman auxilia ones i run with palmyra, tough to get them to look right but im impressed with those ones. How are you finding frostgrave? Im playing my first game friday night, looking forward to it

    1. Really enjoying it. Simpler than Mordheim. The only slight gripe with it is the d20's, which can make a combat go wildly in the wrong direction. But the game itself has been nicely put together.