Monday, 8 May 2017

Welsh, rising out...

  So i am still slowly putting together my welsh warband. I have managed to get my Warlord done, as i felt no-one in their right mind will fight for a cursed Warlord.

 I have also manged to get a battle report in, as i start practicing for a little tournament at my club in a couple of weeks. My belief in understanding what this warband requires due to playing Bretons was wrong. My Bretons may be squishy but at least they can run away! I think its going to be a steep learning curve for these welsh.

  I have a couple of battle reports for "Age of Fantasy" coming, as the club has really got into the easy going fun of the system from "One Page Rules". In fact another project to add to my list, as i dig up some old fantasy figures.

Till next time!


  1. Looks nice. I find the Welsh very pesky in terrain.
    But when I tried them it was open field and they bloody need that dragon side of the SAGA-dice more than sheep!