Saturday, 28 February 2015

10mm Goblins so far...

So i have these chaps getting on, so far so good.

The road and round houses are my casting.

Monday, 23 February 2015

10mm Goblins on the work bench

Started some of Pendraken 10mm goblins, to create another HotT force.

I will be giving a full review in the future after i painted some more up to show.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Hordes of the Things Battle Report

With the the league games in full swing at club i have plenty of HotT battle reports on their way.

First of which:

Here's a few shots of some of the other games people were playing.

The crusaders take on the Elves within the woods

The Golden Emperors challenge the Penguin Emperors
Yellow snowballs aplenty.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Game 4 and 5 of Paw'15

  Here are the last 2 battle reports of Paw'15.

I will be doing a a follow up video covering my own position at the event, the tournament itself and how i think the Anglo-saxons are as a playable faction.

Game 4

Game 5

Friday, 13 February 2015

Painting the Puma

So i got round to painting it.

After a black undercoat I painted it all a dark green.

Next i added more light grey to the green, and completed several highlights of drybrushing.

Next i made dark brown lines all over the vehicle, then highlighted with a desert yellow.

I added dark brown camo shading to the lines.

Finally picked out detail, added decals. Used grey on edges to give the impression of chips and damage. Then drybrushed on muddy browns.

I am quite pleased with the result, and will probably use the same method on future vehicles.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

28mm Puma

  Needed a break from the battle reports so i started work on Warlord Games plastic Puma. I have always loved the look of this vehicle and so decided i had to have one..

  The box it comes in has some lovely art work on the front, while the back has some information on the vehicle and a nicely painted example of the Puma

  Inside you get two sprues to make the Puma, a waterslide decal sheet and instructions. Some of the parts looked quite fragile, so i held off building for a while until i had fresh blades for my hobby knife.

  You build the under carriage first. Which has some great detail on the vehicles suspension. Took me back to the old days as a young'un building model planes and the such. But the i don't understand why the wheels where made hollow. You go to great lengths to make the suspension look right encase people see it, but then decide that no-one will notice the wheels underneath. A am a bit confounded on why they weren't cast solid or with an insert to keep that high level of detail.

 So i finally finished building it. Its definitely a bit fiddly to work on in places. Some components i had to use my knife to place piece as my fingers where too big to hold the small glued component
and place it in the right location.

 But overall i think this is a fantastic kit (though not for the modeler who may get easily frustrated with small components), it has a great standard of detail that you expect from plastic model companies like Warlord Games and Italeri.

Next up to search the net for a good camo scheme. I may put up some photos later of the painted vehicle.

See you next time.

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

PAW'15 Tournament Game 1

So here's the first battle report from the weekend. A interesting game against the ruddy Irish!

Monday, 9 February 2015

PAW'15 is Over

  So PAW is all over for another year, but what a great weekend. SAGA seems to bring together some really good people in tournaments. The event was relaxed and extremely enjoyable, all the people I played and met were all great folks, and would happily catch up and play them again in another tournament.

  As for the event itself.... brilliant. Loads of traders and loads of participation games. Both Halls were very bust with people bustling about as ever, with another massive bring and buy stall in the gaming hall.

 In the tournaments you (from memory) 12 SAGA competitors, about 30 40k, 12 Bolt Action, only 12 fantasy player (which seemed a bit low even for down here) and plenty of 28mm/15mm Fields of Glory.

  Hopefully soon I'll be posting my Battle Reports and results from the SAGA tourney.

  Below are some shots of some of the display games.

Monday, 2 February 2015

Hordes of the Things Battle Report

Here's my recent battle report:


An evening at club.

Another club night at the Dice and Dagger in Bude, Cornwall.

This week i managed to call in  few HotT players to have a quick run through my campaign. Giving me a chance to make some changes.

The few changes i make include villages only having to be 3" from an enemy table edge.

Above is a Chinese merchant desperately trying to get its goods back to the capital.

Below the stand-off between the Celts and Chinese.

All in all, the rules seem to work and it was fun. though i reckon you'll definitely want to start with two generals.

Also got some Hott league games in. I should have a Battle Report up this week.

Until next time!

Dha Weles!