Thursday, 12 February 2015

28mm Puma

  Needed a break from the battle reports so i started work on Warlord Games plastic Puma. I have always loved the look of this vehicle and so decided i had to have one..

  The box it comes in has some lovely art work on the front, while the back has some information on the vehicle and a nicely painted example of the Puma

  Inside you get two sprues to make the Puma, a waterslide decal sheet and instructions. Some of the parts looked quite fragile, so i held off building for a while until i had fresh blades for my hobby knife.

  You build the under carriage first. Which has some great detail on the vehicles suspension. Took me back to the old days as a young'un building model planes and the such. But the i don't understand why the wheels where made hollow. You go to great lengths to make the suspension look right encase people see it, but then decide that no-one will notice the wheels underneath. A am a bit confounded on why they weren't cast solid or with an insert to keep that high level of detail.

 So i finally finished building it. Its definitely a bit fiddly to work on in places. Some components i had to use my knife to place piece as my fingers where too big to hold the small glued component
and place it in the right location.

 But overall i think this is a fantastic kit (though not for the modeler who may get easily frustrated with small components), it has a great standard of detail that you expect from plastic model companies like Warlord Games and Italeri.

Next up to search the net for a good camo scheme. I may put up some photos later of the painted vehicle.

See you next time.

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