Monday, 7 December 2015

How 2 Play SAGA part 2

.. So i have finally got round to getting the H2P: SAGA finished. Unfortunately my computer had decided to change a whole bunch of recording settings, so i have spent most of my time trying to get those small items, like a mic, working. Hopefully now things can get back to normal a bit.

 I have several battle reports to put up, and the 3rd and final part of H2P: SAGA. Then i will probably create an X-wing one, as i am really enjoying the game at the moment, as well as being excited for the new movies. Which is also leading into another small project for some SW ground battles, but we shall see how well that progresses.

 So to part 2: Please be aware these tutorial vids are slow and not worth watching if you are already understanding of the rules. They are designed for the novice: