Monday, 9 February 2015

PAW'15 is Over

  So PAW is all over for another year, but what a great weekend. SAGA seems to bring together some really good people in tournaments. The event was relaxed and extremely enjoyable, all the people I played and met were all great folks, and would happily catch up and play them again in another tournament.

  As for the event itself.... brilliant. Loads of traders and loads of participation games. Both Halls were very bust with people bustling about as ever, with another massive bring and buy stall in the gaming hall.

 In the tournaments you (from memory) 12 SAGA competitors, about 30 40k, 12 Bolt Action, only 12 fantasy player (which seemed a bit low even for down here) and plenty of 28mm/15mm Fields of Glory.

  Hopefully soon I'll be posting my Battle Reports and results from the SAGA tourney.

  Below are some shots of some of the display games.

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