Friday, 15 May 2015

WaC Battle report and painting.

  I have managed to get in some more War and Conquest games. I am slowly getting the hang of the rules, and really enjoying them. I have the first of two battle reports with my Saxons taking on the Samurai.

  I don't know what people think of non-historical match ups, but i hope its still an enjoyable battle report.

  So as for painting, I failed to get my stuff together for the Bolt Action league, so will be losing points for that, though i did get some terrain made. Now knowing i ain't gonna complete for the painting points i am prepping up for the final league game of the year.

  I decided the last league game should be fun and open to allow players to relax an paint a few miniatures. So i decided on running a "Songs of Blades and Heroes" tournament. It will be 500pts with army list criticized by all the other competitors, so we dont end up with some stupid character builds. 

 For mine i dug up some nice miniatures from Black Hat Miniatures. Some highland dwarves...

  Finally i have been working on some tokens / basing for WaC. Below you can see my personality base made using a 40mm base and filler, so the base doesn't look to chunky. Then my shieldwall markers, to show which units are in shieldwall formation. Simply made out of spare shields.


  1. Fantastic minis, love the shields and the beards espacially!

    1. Many thanks! Beards and shields are the most important parts of my kind of warfare. :D