Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Some SAGA, Sci-fi and a mention of fantasy.

So i have finally got another battle report up. This time i thought i'd see what its like to play Bretons, but unfortunately ended up using them as Normans due to the scenario.

  My sci-fi rules are coming along nicely, as is the terrain for it. Also a lot of players seem to have taken an interest in the rules system and have volunteered to join in on its first campaign in a couple of months. As for my force, its changed direction as i have great models from Copplestone Castings and wanted to build on these guys a little bit more.

Below is a game being played as players learn my rules. You can see one of our players has been busy creating buildings for his Scavengers, readying for the campaign.

  Finally i have been wondering what to do with my fantasy as GW has finally decided to remove the amazing 30yrs worth of creation, to release Age of Sig-marines. 
  But i have decided not to cast aside my miniatures and pursue more towards War and Conquests fantasy version; War and Sorcery. The rules bring me back to how warhammer was meant to played, so hopefully i'll be adding some of my forays into this world.


  1. Nice saga report.
    When in offense, i love to use a 12 headguards unit on this scenario.

  2. looking back i should really have gone that route, but to be honest i was still wanting to attempt to hit and run with the Bretons... gave up on that :D