Saturday, 12 March 2016

Some X-wing, SAGA and Lord of the Rings!

 I have finally got up the 3rd and final game from the PAW'16 Tournament.

  The tournament was well run and a great fun. This game does seem to work well for tournaments and i am looking forward to the next one. Till then i have somehow managed 2 tops out of 2 tournaments, So onward and upward!

PAW'16  X-wing tourney First and Second. The chap next to me was standing on a box...honest!

 I have also got a fun little game of SAGA in, using a scenario published in Wargames Illustrated. The scenario is a challenge for the Attacker, but its fun to play. Many thanks to my opponent, who made a cracking stockade.

  Finally, i have got back into playing Lord of the Rings. I really like this system but haven't played it in an age. So when a friend wanted to catch up for a 500pts game i mustered some elves. I think there may be new life brought back into that game system and maybe some reports. But for now here's some photo's of my elves, 2 warbands, one led by Gil-Gilad and another by Elrond.

 Gil-Gilad and some elves, the ones with elven blades are Kings Guard

Elrond devastated my opponent with his Natures Wrath.


  1. I rarely comment on anything on the internet, but as a Saga player and LoTR player who has just got into X wing I had to. 3 great games, like you I might try another game of LoTR sometime

    1. Good to hear from you! Indeed, three great games. Just a shame LoTR isn't getting the love it much needs at the moment... though with GW revamping its specialist range over the coming years we will see!

    2. Here's hoping! I've always had a great time with the LoTR system. Good to see others playing it too.

      I'm on the verge of introducing my new Saga-built Anglo-Danes to the battlefields of Middle Earth.

    3. Nice, funnily enough i'm re-vamping my Harad, looking at them and thinking... always wanted give the Saracens a go for C&C. Best of luck with your Anglo-Danes!