Sunday, 25 September 2016

Buildings, Games and oh, I am a wargamer!

 Okay, so continuing on with my Empire, i thought i'd go old school and make some building from cereal box card.. i was happy with the result, so i made a video on what i created. The buuildings design is basic enough that i could use it from the medieval period to probably ww2, plus wouldn't be out of place in Bree!

 My Bretons are out again, hampering the Anglo-danes who decided to pick a fight. This time i squabble over a couple of bridges.

   Finallt i was nominate by Jack Sarge for an "I am a Wargamer" video. So i filled in the challenge and completed it. The only thing i didn't do was decide on my third nominee. I though i would give the viewers a chance to put forward a wargaming channel for me to nominate. This way i get to pick through some channels, hopefully some of which i haven't come a across before.

so, see you next time... Dha weles nessa termyn!

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