Saturday, 17 September 2016

Couple of battles and some WIP's

   Well i'm slowly catching up with my reports:

Age of the Wolf

   My Bretons charge up north and take on the Scots in the challenge.

Battle Companies

  My poor Rohan don't seem to be raising through the ranks very quickly. But at least I outnumber some Wood Eves 2-1, so this should give me a chance for some good results.

Other bits

  Currently working on my sci-fi rule set, which is becoming a bit more organised.Had another run through the game, and still enjoying the brutal system... oh yes your troops drop quick.  

A team advances through the debris in search of resources

Models by Copplestone Castings

   Finally some Empire are getting painted for my narrated campaign. I was going to use my own system but thinking about it, it may be a good way to show some War and Sorcery (fantasy War and Conquest).

Altdorf handgunners. Decided on round bases (25mm) to show not all
is lost with Age of Sigmar, that the figures can still be used for proper battles.

Until next time...

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