Saturday, 10 September 2016


  So lets start with the final month of the campaign for Lord of the Rings! Ouch, it was a bad run for the forces of good. last month a small light glistened but this month we were beaten down a peg or to. In the North desperate times pushed us to split our forces, but our inability to win matches had sorely hurt us.... the counter-attack the forces of evil gave us were harsh and brutal. Rivendel was swarmed by Harad, while Lorien fell to the goblins.
  Though seeing the attack coming we tried to support with a cavalry banner but they where intercepted by the Easterling Cataphrakts, and defeated. 
Year 1 Month 6...

   In the South thing went better, but too late.. The blue has dwindled to naught but a few "enemy" strongholds. So with that players shook hands and we called it a day....

  The campaign system itself worked well and everyone seemed to have fun, playing some extremely unbalanced games making things feel desperate as it should.
  So what went wrong for good? To be fair, evils misunderstanding of not being able to create banner of less than 200pts royally knocked us. We lost the lands of rohan early and also miscalculated where points were. But enough of the excuses, the games we should of one were lost barring a couple of lucky games. Overall the evils forces quick actions and ability win fights beat us hands down... though we will be having a re-match for sure, ad hopefully some time for people to paint their forces so i can get some big reports in...

But in the mean time we a playing battle companies, as a vain excuse to get models painted!!

Age of the Wolf
  Here is another installment of the campaign games my Bretons are having a go at... though i have to say its seeming a bit harsh, as few players have been against such a force, plus i have the Penny special messing up the early turns of my opponent, giving a nasty combo..

  Finally a short vid just going over games i play and something i plan to start p soon.

  Until next time, dha weles!