Saturday, 16 January 2016

New Year, SAGA and X-Wing

  Well i hope you had a good christmas and a fun New Year. I have had a break, and now i'm back.
  To start with at took part in a little X-Wing tournament in St Austell, at Mad for Miniatures. Not having any tournament practice i thought i'd ry to get one in before the PAW'16 tournament in Plymouth in February. The event was great fun and well organised, and managed to muster up 12 players in the little store. Below is a link to the report:

  Of course part of the reason for getting into X-wing was the fact i didn't have to paint anything.. so naturally i ended up painting them.

  Also i have now managed to finish the final part of the How 2 play SAGA video's:

 Due to computer crashes, mic issues and some 6hrs of sorting i have finally finished it. The next talk through will be broken down into more stages to make life just a little easier but for now this should do.

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