Saturday, 20 August 2016

Maps, Wolves and Companies

Righto, lets begin with the Map based camapaign...

Year1 Month 5

Another trying month for the forces of good.

  The forces of good, begin to try and grab from the forces of evil what they can, by splitting some of their forces in a vain hope to hold out and inflict as much territorial damage as they can before the 6 month is up and another round of recruitment takes place.
 Forsaking the strong defense of Lorien a cavalry banner is dispatched to take the undefended Dol Guldur. While the rangers are driven out of the Mist Mountains, back to Rivendell.

Minas Tirith falls...

  In the South, its sad times and Minas Tirith is heavily out numbered and taken. On the upside the force of good steal away Minas Morgul and drive the enemy from Rhun. But with fewer trooops battles are becoming harder to win for the forces of good....

Age of the Wolf

 To keep our SAGA players sane we have started an AoW campaign. I decided to have a go at the Bretons as i have flirted with them a couple of times but now i thought i'd give them a proper go. Then hopefully when i finished my commission painting i can get back to my own painting.

Battle Companies

  Also with small amounts of time between games we'd thought we would run a small Battle Companies campaign. The rules of which you can find here: While below you can find my first outing for my Rohan.

So until next time... Dha weles!

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  1. What ruleset are you using for LOTR? Quite fancy some middle earth battles, thinking about advanced Song of Blades and heroes for skirmish stuff..