Thursday, 9 June 2016

Lord of the Rings Campaign Countdown....

 Hey all, been a while... So i am hope fully back to the steady updates.

  In two weeks my club will be starting its LotR Campaign. I have been bust making terrain and painting figures for it. But i am way behind schedule! But at least the map is complete:

  The locations shown are the starting position; blue-good and red-evil. Most locations have a VP value for Victory Points, and a Recruitment value (R) for buying more troops. I will let you know more of the rules as the campaign continues, but for now both teams will have 4000pts to put into Army Banners worth between 200pts-1000pts and from there we will continue.

  With much practicing required i got a game in with my elves against some Uruk-hai...

 Till next time..

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