Thursday, 6 October 2016

The Village grows and the last nominee...

  So for my Winter Warmer with the Table Top Commanders, i decided my challenge will be completing my Cereal box village and seeing how far i can go with cereal box card as my main construction material.
   With two buildings complete i next wanted to bulk out the cover so had a go at making some walls, as they make some quick and easy terrain.

  Still i am adding to my old Empire, though bored of the old rank and file, i'd thought i'd paint up a mercenary captain and who better than the model for Herr Felix Jaegar. The model seems small to the newer GW figs but still a great figure.
Final Nomination

   My final nomination for I am a wargamer goes to, "Battle Knights". I chose this channel as it has good videos, covering a range of different games, some of which you dont get to see many reports for and its always nice to see a range of games i a hobby. So good luck lads, your next!

War and Sorcery

  With this Empire painting and such, i was in a fantasy mood, and fancied a getting out my goblins for a bash. Here i take on some Humans.. still my favourite system at this scale. The video is a bit longer than usual as i try to explain some rules as i come across them.


  1. That mercenary captain looks great!

  2. Beautiful and motivated he looks...and I love your buildings on hte background...