Monday, 4 July 2016

Lord of the Rings SBG Campaign begins...

  So with the net back its time to start catching up with my campaign. We are already 4 months in! But before that i have one more practice battle report up against the Harad:

Metal knights with Milliput shields using a greenstuff mold.

  So on to the campaign:

Year 1 Month 1

   So as said previously this campaign uses a node map and banners. Each banner is assigned a points value and you may create a banner between 200-1000pts. So anyone can fight at any banner with whatever models. this allows a club to be more fluid in the campaign, allowing different players on each side to cover for missing team mates etc. The only other considerations required is if your banner is a cavalry banner (which must be marked) and also named heroes are assigned to banners they fight at... this stops heroes from jumping around the map for any fights.
  Also an important note, if a named hero dies, that hero cannot be used again in the campaign (in any guise - so if Aragorn the ranger dies, you cant use another version of him).

After first month of movement and battle results
  The map above shows the first months results in the North. The blue/red dots represent the location of the good/evil banners, while the arrows show movement. So yo can see the good push from Arnor and take Angmar, without a fight as there was no evil banner, and the also take North Rhun. While the evil banners move to take North mirkwood and put Erebor under siege. 
  Any location with and S on it allows the defender to fall back to a castle instead of fighting on the open ground. The attacker may assault them, in which case a siege is played to take the territory. Or the attacker may besiege them, in which case the defending army cannot be recruited too or can recruitment points from the territory .

  Meanwhile in the South things don't go so well for the good. Osgiliath west is lost, as well as the western plains of Rohan, while a banner from Dunland steals Anfalas from the good. The only good thing was that the evil failed to take Cair Andros and was pushed back, but the casualties for good in that fight where terrible.

 In the campaign after a battle you roll for your dead and fled. On a 6+ you the models survives. You recieve a +1 if you won the battle and a +1 if the model fled the field. You then add up the points of you non-surviving dead/fled, and remove those points from the banner. If a banner is reduced to less then 100pts it is destroyed.

  Well i hope that keeps you till next time, i'll just leave you with a few snaps.

Isengard pour into the plains of Rohan

Gondor holds Cair Andros at cost

Osgiliath falls under the Trolls hammer

Newly converted Captain of Rohan. 
With added mail and horsetail plume


  1. I do like how you have designed the maps etc, maybe you could do a blog post or YT video explaining it and the recruitment a little more.

    1. Hopefully i will add a little more information as it comes up. In the first year we recruit at the the end of the 3rd month so will cover it soon. Many Thanks!