Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Dragon Rampant

  So i have got my hands on the "Osprey Publishing's", Dragon Rampant. A generic set of fantasy based on the historical rules Lion Rampant. The rules themselves are easy to learn and pick up, and is ideal for a club like in which players tend to have a huge variety of fantasy models.
 The first battle report is below and will be followed by a short review, now i have had some practice with the rules.

 Currently my gaming club has been having a big change round with the move to a new venue, so we have dug some old games we haven't played in a while to try some other fun! Recently i played a game of Bloodbowl, with the Wood Elves vs Chaos. My Elves shocked most onlooker by scoring 4 touch downs and reducing the enemy team to 5 players!!

Here the Chaos take on the Skaven... which lead to a bloody conclusion

 Unfortunately i couldn't find a ball, so we kicked around a pumpkin... worked a treat!

 This week ends with an X-Wing tournament in Plymouth (PAW'16), so will be a run of tourney games to show. After my luck at the last event, i'm not holding out for a big win on this one.

Till next time.

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