Tuesday, 7 April 2015

My Youtube channel give-away

 So things have been busy. As most of you know i am a Dark Age re-enactor so my time is often split across my hobbies. But i have finally completed a basic ruined building video, ideal for skirmish games like Mordheim and Bolt Action.

   Also i have prize to give-away to lucky channel follower when i have reached 300 subscribers. So please share about and help the channel grow. This ain't a monetized channel, so this is for fun to say thanks for the support.

I know my channel seems awkward to many as i cover a variety of games instead of sticking to a single system, so is often hard for some to follow... so its to show i really appreciate the support.

 Finally, i have got my mits on another system. This time from Mantic Games but more on that soon...

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