Monday, 23 March 2015

War and Conquest

Finally after 3yrs of having the book i get to start playing WaC properly. I really think these rules are my current favorite historical set for this scale of game.

The problem i have now is what to do for this ruleset... currently we have plenty of Dark Ages players but not with large armies, so currently i am writing up a set of campaign rules for battling across the British Isles. We are probably going to start with a SAGA campaign to allow people to build up their armies to reasonable size.

After that i'd like to move to WaC. There is talk of trying to build to a Hastings game, which would be great fun. As a dark age re-enactor i have been at Battle Abbey several times for the battle and would love to give it a go. 

After that ... well thats going to take some convincing to the other players. I would really like to do a European campaign set with the similar design of Rome Total War, with all players taking various different armies.

Until that time though i have plenty of gaming in mind, including having a practice run with my campaign rules for Bolt Action and Saga.

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