Friday, 23 January 2015

Some plans for 2015...

  So with this new avenue of expression, I think I will put forward some of my musings for the coming year of what I wish to achieve.

   Last year I began with the hope of beginning my own Youtube channel, and now some 11 months on I have acquired some 170 subscribers. This was better than I hoped when I began, as I knew my channel would not be dedicated to a single game system or scale and I know gamers can be finicky in supporting those that don't support just the games they play (I know as I'm one :D).

  So this year will be no different.

   I wish to support local gaming clubs with the aid of the South West Inner Circle. Advertising and meeting up with new clubs and hobbyist.

  I would like to concentrate on making more reviews (not just of wargames and miniatures, but maybe other hobby interests) and some hobby advise.

  Keep producing battle reports from the many game systems I have (and will have). But also follow my own gaming clubs games through our games league.

  Finally finish producing my own set of rules that I have been working on over the years.

  This is a lot to squeeze in, in my spare time, between hobbies and life. But I think I will keep at it. More than anything this kind of outlet inspires me to do more with my hobby, it keeps me under a little bit of pressure to complete set tasks and get things done... which is always useful, if like me, you buy more than you can paint.

So until the next time.

Dha weles!

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