Thursday, 16 March 2017

Plans foiled..

  Well i have been quite on the video front lately, as my plans have gone somewhat sideways. I had hoped to have my nice, new SAGA warband up and about, but after a month i am still waiting for them to arrive!
  Seems like Gripping Beast are struggling to get orders to retailers. So i hope they arrive soon.

 On a brighter note i got some painting out of the way for a friend, so i have am no planning a small campaign day for Frostgrave.. probably Dark Alchemy. That should be this week, so at least i'll have three reports coming for that, after this weekend.

  Also we are going to be running a free-for-all Lord of the Rings Campaign. The last campaign was fun, but was bogged down by players not playing games. This time there will be a dice roll for battle not fought, making it a bit easier. Also, its everyone for themselves, so no waiting on friends.
 Till then i'll leave you with an image of the Legolas i painted for a friend, and my own Enchanter apprentice;

I love the character in this chap, my wizards very own Hodor! 

 I was happy with how this Legolas turned out, shame i was painting it for someone else

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