Friday, 3 February 2017

Winter is here...

  Finally started on some Frostgrave reports. To start with i have a "getting started with" video, just to show my original costs for the game, but also a quick paint guide to my current method and making some treasure markers with what you got!

Spent some time to create a new thumbnail for my Frostgrave vids.
My warband painted so far.

 Next on the list GSW, will be DBA.

  Also got my first battle report for Frostgrave using my temp band, while i paint up a full Northstar plastics and metal warband, that you see in the video above.

Close up of my wizard. Gone for a purple and turquoise theme
for the warband... something different!

  So i have a few more videos on the way for SAGA and Frostgrave and maybe a Dragon Rampant one. Also the club is back into Bolt Action for the while, with second edition being learned and so far so good (except warlord still have the Ambush rules hidden away in a little box making a trick to find).

So till next time...Dha weles!

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